Jess Jones Therapy

Therapy can help when you need that bit of extra support to deal with life’s challenges. It gives you the tools to heal and to cope in difficult situations. Therapy builds resilience, develops a more flexible outlook and increases your self esteem.

Sometimes our thoughts become negative and anxious causing a loss of self-confidence. This is totally natural and normal. What therapy can do is restore your sense of inner calm and strength.

Some of the changes that therapy will help you make include:

Enhanced self confidence

More positive outlook

Boosted self esteem

Increased optimism

Strong sense of resilience

More flexible approach

How does therapy work?

My therapeutic approach looks at the body and mind as a whole. You may come to therapy. wanting to focus on your emotions and the way that you are feeling. These may be feelings about yourself or your personal or professional situation. What modern therapy has taught us is that feelings are intrinsically linked to behaviours and thoughts. By working across all three, you will experience a rapid change.

During the therapy sessions I use dynamic techniques addressing thoughts, behaviours and feelings to ensure that the changes you make are long-lasting.

You set the pace

The therapy I provide offers supportive, non-judgemental treatment. You will have the time and space to focus on self-development and growth. Your wishes are at the heart of the treatment and we take the everything at the pace you choose.

Together we discuss what you would like to achieve from therapy. Depending on your wishes, we can set goals for the short or long term. The techniques I work with include mindfulness, breathwork, deep relaxation, cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnotherapy.

Therapy can provide solutions when you are:

Looking for a new perspective on a challenge you are facing

At a crossroads in your personal or professional life

Overwhelmed by circumstances or events

Struggling to manage stress and anxiety

If you are looking for therapy for a specific issue, then some of the areas that I focus on include anxiety, feeling sad, insomnia, low self-confidence, low self esteem, menopause symptoms, panic attacks, phobias, pain management and stress.