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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy, coupled with the positive power of suggestion, provides a gateway from negative thinking towards confidence, optimism and reawakened self belief. My approach is solution-focused; actively overcoming specific challenges as well as coaching news skills for permanent flexibility and resilience.

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Therapy at flexible times in Harley Street, Chelsea and Wandsworth

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What Can Hypnotherapy Treat?

Anger management Anxiety Feeling sad IBS and Digestion Insomnia Low self-confidence Low self-esteem Menopause symptoms Pain management Panic attacks Phobias Quitting smoking Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) Smoking Stress Weight Loss

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Why focus on breathing?

We all breathe – our life depends on it. So what is the point of  learning breathing techniques? The obvious comparison is with nutrition. We all eat and drink to survive. However, as we know, there seem to be  an incredible number of ways that we can get nutrition profoundly wrong, leading to malnutrition at
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Don’t Dwell on Past Resentments – Here’s Why

It’s not an overstatement to say that many (if not most) people feel that their character and to a large extent their life has been shaped by their formative years, usually early childhood. Perhaps even more significantly, many people are reluctant to put their past behind them as they feel it holds the key to
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How to find happiness

How do we find happiness? Well, if happiness is proving to be elusive, there is much that you can do to change your mind. In my practice I help people shift their mindset away from negativity and anxiety. I coach CBT techniques and can reinforce them with hypnotherapy.