Overcome Insomnia

Sleep better with my four-step programme to beat insomnia.

Breathing and Relaxation

Firstly, I teach breathing exercises and muscle relaxation techniques. Relaxing all the muscles of the body has a major impact in slowing down thoughts. Thinking is a verbal activity. Our mouth tongue and jaw are closely linked to thoughts passing through our mind. Once all the muscles in our jaw are all relaxed, then thoughts dramatically slow.


Mindfulness teaches us to emotionally disengage from the thoughts in our brain. We observe thoughts, which often pop up as images in our mind. We can consciously choose not to follow these thoughts but instead to watch them emerge and then let them go. Practising mindfulness shows us that we don’t necessarily have to get caught up in thinking – we have a choice.

Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive therapy is the fourth tool in our kit. The approach that CBT takes is dependent on your thinking patterns and the unique ways you perceive your sleep issues. For instance, during the day your thoughts may focus on dreading getting into bed because of your sleeplessness. You can work you exchanging negative thoughts for ones that promote more positivity. CBT helps to reframe problems in a way that is helpful to changing the situation for the better.

Hypnosis for Insomnia

The final key component of beating insomnia is rehearsing all these techniques during hypnosis. You can rehearse putting the four elements of breathing, relaxation, mindfulness and CBT into practice so they start becoming automatic. Hypnosis allows you to experience the new sensations of relaxation and slowed breathing. At the same time you will observe thoughts with mindfulness and learn to replace negative thinking with helpful replacement thoughts.

All you need to bring to the therapy session is a willingness to change. Hypnotherapy rapidly transforms the way we deal with life’s challenges, not by changing the situations, but by changing patterns of thinking, emotion and behaviour.


If would like more information or to book an appointment, please use the contact page or get in touch: 07990 572900 or jess@jessjones.co.uk

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