Reduce Work Stress

Reduce Work Stress

Having worked with many clients in demanding and senior roles, I’m all too aware of how stressful working life can be.

The stressful parts of life, whether it is at work, with family or in personal relationships, tend to be outside of our direct control. The one and only thing that we can all influence, all of the time, is how we deal with stress. Whether we’re aware of it or not, we choose how we respond to every situation that we come up against. Much of our behaviour is ingrained with habit, repetition and routine. Whether it’s a conscious decision or not, we are choosing how we react.

First of all, hypnotherapy can’t do anything that you don’t want it to do. It’s important for anybody contemplating hypnotherapy to understand that you have to absolutely want to make the changes that you’re considering.

Where hypnotherapy is truly remarkable is that it opens up the door to new options, specifically new ways of thinking. The encouragement and suggestions of a hypnotherapist can be the catalyst for profound, and often permanent change.

As a practising hypnotherapist I now work with clients to make the changes that they decide to make. I help people to manage stress in the workplace. I work with clients to improve their personal relationships, their self image and how they view themselves and their bodies. What all of these issues have in common is are that they are about mindset. Perhaps what’s more surprising is that physical ailments and illness can often be improved with changes in mindset through hypnotherapy too.

If you are interested in making a change to your life I would be delighted to work with you. Whether you’re struggling with a challenge or just want some help in reaching your goals, hypnotherapy can provide a fresh new outlook.

ByJess Jones

We all feel overwhelmed at times by the challenges that life throws at us. This can be in our personal relationships, professional life or due to poor health. My approach is to use solution-focused techniques that improve health and self image as well as minimising stress and anxiety. I work with clients to clear out poor health and negativity including anxiety, depression, fear and low self-esteem. This can be with a combination of Reiki, hypnotherapy and CBT or exclusively with just one discipline.

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