The Keto Diet

The Keto Diet

Keto Diet

The keto diet is much more straightforward than many diets. And, following extensive media coverage of how successful the keto diet can be, it’s worthwhile considering how CBT Hypnotherapy can effectively help you stick to your keto goals.

Temptation is everywhere

Although I’m not a nutritionist and don’t condone any particular diet, the rules of keto seem relatively simple to understand. However, a simple method doesn’t alway mean a diet that is simple to stick to.

Obviously, when it comes to food, we’re surrounded by temptation. Colleagues, family members, supermarket promotions, TV ads are only just the start of the list. Tempting and tasty food is everywhere.

Regardless of whether you’ve been on the keto diet for a while, or if you’re just planning to embark on it, CBT Hypnotherapy can substantially improve your results.

Eating habits are unique

You may have relied on willpower to help you make healthy eating choices in the past. However, CBT Hypnotherapy can help you to make long-lasting changes.

So what does the process entail? Firstly, in line with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, we discuss the specific challenges you are facing. The first thing to remember is that everybody’s eating habits are unique. For instance, negative behaviour can include binge eating, snacking, grazing, overeating at meal times, overeating in response to trigger foods, addictions and sometimes just a lack of planning.

Frank and honest discussions

Even though it may be obvious, it’s key to point out that food and eating is a very emotional subject for many, if not all, of us. Overeating can often be accompanied by complicated feelings of shame, guilt, embarrassment, and low self-esteem. The therapy room is a safe place to discuss these emotions. Moreover, for therapy to be effective, it’s essential that discussions with the therapist are frank and honest.

Keto principles

Through careful analysis and discussion of challenging situations we identify thoughts, emotions and behaviours that could be limiting your adherence to keto principles. Despite negative and unhelpful thoughts being part of our everyday thinking patterns, it can sometimes be hard to identify them. Generally speaking, even the process of identifying unhelpful thoughts can begin to defuse their power.

During this therapeutic process, we learn to recognise and acknowledge that many of our thoughts aren’t true. The things we tell ourselves are often partial truths or just plain wrong. They might be things that have been said to us, and we have assumed to be true. Or they may be descriptions of our past selves that no longer accurately reflect who we are.

Hypnotherapy consolidates learning

Following this comprehensive discussion, we have a clear picture of when and how implementing keto diet guidelines is most challenging. Subsequently, we agree on replacement behaviours, emotions and thoughts that support rather than sabotage weight loss goals.

Although the CBT is comparatively straightforward, it needs to be thorough and extensive to be effective. Hypnosis is the second step in the process. Hypnotherapy dramatically reinforces the adoption of new thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

Suggestible state

During hypnosis the mind is in a highly suggestible state. Therefore it’s the perfect approach to consolidate the learnings from the CBT session.

Four key hypnotherapy techniques further enhance the session:

  1. Visualisation – vividly picturing future success  
  2. Direct suggestion – reinforcing changes to thoughts, behaviours and emotions
  3. Aversion therapy – particularly focusing on trigger foods
  4. Rehearsal and repetition – converting new behaviours to automatic responses

Efficacious weight loss formula

CBT coupled with hypnotherapy provides a very powerful treatment. What’s more, the simplicity of the keto diet lends itself to this type of therapeutic process. With this in mind you may be about to discover an extremely efficacious weight loss formula.  


If you would like to book an appointment or talk about how CBT hypnotherapy can enhance keto, please contact me for a chat in confidence.


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ByJess Jones

I provide individual therapy from tranquil consulting rooms on Harley Street as well as in Chelsea. All clients are treated with the strictest levels of confidentiality. Firstly, we discuss what you would like to achieve from therapy. We can set goals for the short or long term. The techniques I work with include mindfulness, breath-work, deep relaxation, cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnotherapy. Therapy can help when you need that bit of extra emotional support to deal with life’s challenges. It gives you the tools to heal and to cope in difficult situations. Specifically therapy builds resilience, develops a more flexible outlook and increases your self esteem.

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