Anxiety is not inevitable

Anxiety is not inevitable
Anxiety is not inevitable

Anxiety is not inevitable. It is not something that we have to live with. It is not an inevitable part of life. On the contrary, anxiety is something that can be effectively treated. There is help at hand. CBT uses an extensive toolkit of techniques that can dramatically reduce anxiety symptoms.

Anxiety, if left untreated, can come to dominate our lives as many sufferers are all too aware. We can become anxious about money, children, health, work. Anything that we care about can be a source of worry.

Repetitive thoughts

Anxiety can manifest itself in many ways. Typically, we associate anxiety with a thought process that circles around a past or future event. Our thoughts may repeatedly review a situation that has already taken place. Perhaps the outcome wasn’t what we had hoped for or we didn’t behave in the way that we wanted to. Alternatively thoughts may project forward to a future situation that is a cause for concern.

Sometimes our thoughts focus on our own behaviour, sometimes they focus on the behaviour of others. What these past or future scenarios have in common is that they feel beyond our control.

Negative thinking

Anxiety sufferers are familiar with this cycle of negative thinking. It can be very draining. However, if you are stuck in this cycle there are ways to dramatically improve the situation. CBT provides many techniques that substantially reduce anxiety levels. The therapeutic process enables anxiety sufferers to change the way they think about specific situations. If we can’t change the situation, then we can change the way that we think about it.

Solution driven thearpy

There are numerous effective approaches. The methods that I implement tend to be solution driven, enabling more creative thinking. Anxiety is not inevitable

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