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I made the decision to become a hypnotherapist following a successful career working internationally in business events. During that time I had the privilege of hearing from some of the most influential business leaders from around the world. What I found fascinating were the similarities threading through so many of their stories. May of them shared an incredibly resilient and positive mindset. I learned that so much of success is about self-belief, determination and persistence.

Overcoming Challenges

Life’s challenges, whether they be from work, family or in personal relationships, tend to be outside of our direct control. However, one thing that we can all influence, all of the time, is how we respond to each situation. Every setback provides an opportunity for growth. Once we recognise this fact, we can stop feeling stuck and respond to challenges by learning how to overcome them or change direction completely.

Learning Detachment

My first experience of hypnosis was as a teenager when a hypnotherapist helped me to overcome an extreme fear of flying. During the process, my mind was opened up to completely new ways of thinking. I had a choice to make. I could either be defeated by fear and let it rule me. Or I could learn that adrenaline and its heart-pounding physical effects are nothing more than our ancient brain’s response to the unknown. I learned to observe my thoughts, emotions and the reaction of my body with a new level of detachment rather than feeling overwhelmed by them.

Habits and Limiting Beliefs

Two key factors determine much of our lifelong behaviour: habits and limiting beliefs. Creating change in these two areas can bring phenomenal rewards. Firstly, I work with clients to examine how habits are identity based. For instance, an individual who views him or herself as conscientious, hard-working or diligent may have a propensity towards working excessively long hours. At the extreme, this can mean losing all sense of work-life balance, generating anxiety and unhappiness. In order to reduce anxiety in the long-term, the individual needs to not only change the habit of working too hard. Significantly, he or she needs to loosen ties with the label of diligent and understand how identifying with it too strongly can be harmful. By the same token, personal or family dynamics from our early childhood may lead us to believe that our character is fixed in a certain way. What we believe to be true about our character is often wrong and provides a limiting belief that is unhelpful or even destructive. Through discussion we can identify limiting beliefs and work to change them.

The Power of Suggestions

In my practice, I work with clients to remove the power of unhelpful, negative emotions including self-doubt, blame, guilt and fear. Hypnotherapy, coupled with the positive power of suggestion, provides a gateway from negative thinking towards confidence, optimism and reawakened self belief. My approach is solution-focused; actively overcoming specific challenges as well as coaching news skills for permanent flexibility and resilience. I work with clients to manage work-based stress, to improve their personal relationships as well as self image. Whatever the situation, our mindset and the way that our thoughts interpret the world defines our reality.

If you are interested in making a change to your life I would be delighted to work with you.

Emotional support when you need it

Therapy can help when you need that bit of extra emotional support to deal with life’s challenges. It gives you the tools to heal and to cope in difficult situations. Specifically therapy builds resilience, develops a more flexible outlook and increases your self esteem.

Harley Street and Chelsea

I provide individual therapy from tranquil consulting rooms on Harley Street as well as in Chelsea. All clients are treated with the strictest levels of confidentiality and I abide by the ethical framework of the GHR.

Firstly, we discuss what you would like to achieve from therapy. Accordingly, depending on your wishes, we can set goals for the short or long term. The techniques I work with include mindfulness, breath-work, deep relaxation, cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnotherapy.

Emotional Support for Negative Thinking

From time to time in life, we find that our thoughts become negative and anxious causing a loss of self-confidence. This is totally natural and normal. What therapy can do is restore your sense of inner calm and strength. Some of the changes that therapy will help you make include:

  • Enhanced self confidence
  • More positive outlook
  • Boosted self esteem
  • Increased optimism
  • Strong sense of resilience
  • More flexible ways of thinking

Specialist areas include:

Consultative Approach

My approach is non-judgemental, understanding and consultative. Moreover, you set the pace for your therapy. I put your wishes at the heart of the therapy process at a pace that perfectly matches your needs.


Email: Jess@jessjones.co.uk

39 Harley Street

Tel: 07990 572900

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