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Why focus on breathing?

We all breathe – our life depends on it. So what is the point of  learning breathing techniques? The obvious comparison is with nutrition. We all eat and drink to survive. However, as we know, there seem to be  an incredible number of ways that we can get nutrition profoundly wrong, leading to malnutrition at
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How to find happiness

How do we find happiness? Well, if happiness is proving to be elusive, there is much that you can do to change your mind. In my practice I help people shift their mindset away from negativity and anxiety. I coach CBT techniques and can reinforce them with hypnotherapy.

How to Treat Anxiety

Because anxiety is such a treatable condition, I offer a free 30 minute taster session to anybody suffering from anxiety who is considering therapy. Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy has an exhaustive toolkit of techniques that can dramatically reduce anxiety symptoms.

How to be Happy

“Train your mind to notice what makes you happy as if this is your full time job”. It’s pretty good advice. Focus on what you’re doing and  could be doing a lot more of, that brings you a sense of fulfilment, love, pride, joy or satisfaction. Generally the media leads us to believe that we need to earn more to be happy. But there are hundreds, if not thousands of small things that we could be doing every day that could be making us happier.

5 CBT Hypnotherapy Tools for Weight Loss

If you are interested in receiving hypnotherapy for weight loss, here are some of the methods that can be implemented with amazing results. Clear and vivid visualisation of your future physique following weight loss. Appetite reduction protocol through rehearsal of meal times under hypnosis. Slowing and calming eating through hypnotic rehearsal. Aversion therapy for trigger foods. Consolidating beliefs about your new behaviours, thoughts and emotions in relation to food

Choosing a hypnotherapist – 7 key factors

Choosing a hypnotherapist If you’ve decided to seek the help of a hypnotherapist you will already know that there is an overwhelming number of therapists to choose from. To simplify the selection process, I have developed this guide, giving some key pointers on what to look for. Hopefully, you can make sure that your choice
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