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Design: Lisa Miller

My fabulous designer, Lisa Miller is contactable via her website: WhatLisaDoes

Health: Dr Shahzadi Harper

Dr Shahzadi Harper  is a dynamic Women’s Wellbeing and Menopause Doctor specialising in optimising women’s health. The Harper Clinic.

Divorce Coach: David Margo

Did you know that there are six or seven divorce processes to get you through a divorce and some of them don’t even involve a solicitor? Divorce is rarely going to be a nice experience but, at Divorce Solutions, we are convinced that if you are to have the best experience, with the least stress and the least cost, you need to choose the ‘right’ process for you and your situation and the likelihood is that you are going to need help in making that choice.Our Consultants. all lawyers or former lawyers, will work with you to decide what’s best for you and will provide you with invaluable support throughout your divorce adding an experienced and common sense approach at such a difficult time. Divorce Solutions