Improve communication skills

Improve communication skills to feel more confident, empowered and more connected with the people around you. Improving communication skills can have a major impact, not just in  personal and professional relationships, but also in how you feel about yourself.

Empathy, Assertiveness, Respect

The communication skills that I teach include the three key components of empathy, assertiveness and respect. Significantly, each of these elements is key to creating clear and effective communication. You will learn how to incorporate all three skills into your communication style easily and naturally.

Attack and counter attack

When you feel attacked by another person, it’s tempting to respond with a counter attack. They come at you with, “You did this..” and you fight back with, “And you did that..” However, in these types of exchanges nobody really wins. What’s more, both parties walk away feeling frustrated and like they haven’t been heard.  

If you’re lacking confidence

Equally, if you’re not a confident person, you may avoid defending yourself because you don’t know how to get your point across. Assertiveness training gives you the tools to respond to attacks without becoming aggressive. ‘I feel’ statements are key to explaining your perspective.

Understanding the other person’s point of view

A pivotal part of good communication is empathy. If you are able to demonstrate that you have heard and understand the other person’s point of view, then you can quickly become a remarkable communicator. Making the other person feel heard and respected is just as important as assertively making your own point heard. 

Positive knock-on effects

Feeling confident about your communication skills has a positive knock-on effect in almost every area of your life. Once you have mastered the key techniques incorporating empathy, respect and assertiveness, you will be able to speak confidently and assertively in any setting. 

Training and practice

Through role-play, practice and scenario planning, we will work in partnership to prepare you for any and every difficult conversation. Crucially, between sessions you will have the opportunity to try out and experiment with your new-found skills. Like any new skill, it takes a bit of trial and error until you feel completely competent. 

What are the skills that you might learn?

Brushing up your communication skills make take a couple of sessions, or your may want to come for additional support over a few months. Equally, I can be completely flexible depending on the results that you are looking for. My aim is to provide you with the support that you need to reach your goals. 

Improve communications skills

So, if you would like to improve communication skills, I would be pleased to help you. Email me for an appointment:

You can visit me at 76a Battersea Rise, SW11 1EH