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Do you find weight loss incredibly difficult? Or are you able to successfully lose weight but you struggle to keep it off in the long term?

The media bombards us with information with what we should or shouldn’t be eating. But for most people this information is largely unhelpful. In fact, it’s often counter productive because it’s so confusing.

Confused about what to eat?

For instance, fat used to be considered to be the number one enemy of anyone wanting to lose weight. But it turns out that, on the contrary, some types of fat are essential for health. Sugar and carbohydrates are now often blamed for the obesity epidemic. So was Dr Atkins right after all?

Given that the overload of information is already so confusing, how can CBT hypnotherapy help?

Uniquely tailored approach for weight loss

For one thing, CBT hypnotherapy doesn’t prescribe a ‘one size fits all’ approach for weight loss. On the contrary, you will be given the opportunity to discuss your emotional relationship with food. Specifically, you will identify the trigger thoughts and behaviour that lead you to overeat.

Consequently, your therapist will have a clear picture of your eating habits and areas to focus on.  Working closely with your therapist you can identify the most successful weight loss strategy for you.  This may focus on various techniques including reducing portion size, limiting snacking and eliminating trigger foods that cause you to overeat.

No need for willpower

Significantly, where CBT techniques deviates from other weight loss methods is that it doesn’t rely on willpower. Identifying thinking and behavioural patterns is the key here. Once you identify the thoughts that lead you to overeat, or to eat when you’re not hungry, you can replace them with new thinking and new behaviour.

Hypnotic rehearsal of new behaviour

Coupled with the powerful CBT techniques, hypnosis provides the rehearsal space for your new behaviour promoting weight loss. Hypnosis is a highly focused state in which new behaviour is more readily assimilated into your automatic responses. In order to make it truly effective visualisation and positive suggestions are key to effective hypnotherapy.

Setting and visualising weight loss goals

Whatever your personal weight loss goals, CBT hypnotherapy offers a highly individualised approach tailored specifically to your needs. With this in mind, you will work with your therapist in a variety of ways to set the goal by creating a clear image of your future self. At the same time you will implement new thinking an behaviour that provide the steps to success.

Personalised toolkit for weight loss

In summary, CBT Hypnotherapy provides you with a powerful toolkit for you to successfully reach your weight loss goal. Some or all of the following strategies may be included in your treatment:

1. Clear and vivid visualisation of your future physique following weight loss
2. Appetite reduction protocol through rehearsal of meal times under hypnosis
3. Slowing and calming eating through hypnotic rehearsal
4. Aversion therapy for trigger foods
5. Consolidating beliefs about your new behaviours, thoughts and emotions in relation to food

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