Healing from Pain

Combined therapy to reduce pain

Medication offers temporary relief from acute or chronic pain, but it may not provide a lasting solution.

If you are suffering with short term or chronic pain, I can work with you to find a combination of therapies including hypnosis, CBT and Reiki with amazing results.

Improved healing with Reiki

Reiki promotes health and healing throughout your body and can be a powerful treatment in reducing pain.

Sessions take between thirty to sixty minutes and are deeply relaxing, promoting physical and mental well-being.

CBT alters thoughts about pain

CBT changes the way that your mind processes pain. It also helps you to alter habits and behaviour that may be playing a part in the the pain you are experiencing.

Our natural survival instinct drives us to focus on potential threats, including pain and discomfort. A deeper understanding of our thought process can rewire neural response patterns.

Clinically proven results

Multiple studies of CBT have found that rewiring our thinking can promote resilience and has a profoundly positive impact on how we manage pain.

Hypnosis provides deep relaxation

The deep relaxation experienced in hypnosis can provide relief from pain. Other benefits include consolidating new ways of processing thoughts about pain and being able to visualise your life without pain.

Personalised combination for rapid results

We can work together in person or remotely to develop a personalised plan of therapies. Combining of Reiki, hypnosis and CBT could rapidly reduce the level of pain that you are experiencing on a day-to-day basis.


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