Reiki Home Visits

Home visits

Sometimes, when we most need Reiki and healing we are least able to travel to a clinic. It’s my mission to make Reiki readily available to everybody who needs it. Home visits make Reiki more accessible for those less able to travel.

Where I practice

I provide Reiki home visits in and around London. If you would like to receive Reiki at home in London or nearby, I will do my best to travel to you. Contact me to discuss the best options.

What does Reiki treat?

Reiki promotes physical and emotional healing. It can be as effective for heartbreak and emotional trauma as it can for physical healing and recovery following an operation.

What happens during Reiki?

For a full description of a typical Reiki treatment, follow this link for a detailed explanation.

What equipment is needed

Reiki can be performed anywhere and everywhere. No specific equipment or even environment is necessary. In general, I take a mobile Reiki bed to appointments outside my clinic, but even this isn’t essential.

More information

Please email or call for more information or to book a home appointment. My email is and my mobile is 07990 572900. I very much look forward to hearing from you.

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